Are you bored of hummus and carrots? Yeah, us too. Healthy snacking is tough when your cravings hit, but it’s possible to get creative with your taste buds and keep trim.

The key is to give your tastebuds a trip while keeping the calories in check. Add a healthy dose of protein to the mix, and you’ll not only be satisfied, but you’ll curb hunger pangs and cravings. While it may seem counterintuitive to snack when trying to lose weight, it can often lead to quicker pounds shed if done right.

So girl put those potato chips down and let’s get real for a second. We need to fuel your body right. And hey, when the occasional craving hits, you’re welcome to a cookie or two, but we’re going to bet on the fact that you’re not going to be craving unhealthy snacks after fueling yourself with these healthy bites.

We consulted nutritionists and weight loss coaches for some of their go-to’s that you probably haven’t tried yet.

Miriam Jacobson, MS RD CNS of Every Body Bliss:

Make your own vegan sushi with avocado and nori strips. Dice up avocado and wrap them in nori sheets! Craving some carbs? Grab “flax crackers with mashed avocado and sauerkraut or fermented vegetables.” And if you’re looking for a refreshing summer treat try “sliced peach with a dollop of almond ricotta and shredded basil.”

Rachel MacPherson, BA, CPT(ACE) of Radical Strength:

“The best invention ever for a sweet treat that’s super healthy for you is dessert hummus! Chickpeas are high in fiber and minerals but low in calories. Dessert hummus is filling and high in protein to keep you full with zero guilt.”

Rachel has her own Raspberry Lemon Dessert Hummus recipe that you can make at home if you can’t find it at your local supermarket.

Nicolette M. Pace MS, RDN, CDE, CBC,CDN, CFCS ,FAND of NutriSource:

Nicolette recommends the usuals like baked kale, sweet potato, and zucchini chips, but she’s also a big fan of lupini beans. If you haven’t heard of these yet, try them out in your snack routine, just make sure to prep them properly by rinsing them well. Traditionally, they’re eaten pickled in the Mediterranean basin and Latin America. Another favorite? Popcorn with hot sauce!

Beth Auguste MS RD CSOWM WFS of Be Well With Beth:

Beth’s first suggestion is freeze-dried fruit, which has no added sugars and contains much less sugar than traditionally dried fruit. Looking for a savory option? Try shirataki noodles with soy sauce. “Shirataki noodles are made from yam root, which is full of fiber. Our bodies can’t get many calories from this food, but it offers plenty of probiotics for gut health.”

Try making a cold noodle salad in bulk to enjoy throughout the week.

Christina Towle CCN for True Nutrition:

Christina suggests customizing your own protein and cereal mix, such as ones at True Nutrition, to get the optimal health benefits from your snacks.

“As a nutritionist, I see that different people, different bodies respond differently to food/ingredients. When the body doesn’t agree with a substance, it sends off an inflammatory response – thus inflaming, literally flaming up/filling up a body causing weight gain. If one can customize their cereal and protein according to ingredients that agree with them, it’s a win-win. Example, for some people, whey protein causes them to weigh more! So I prefer to recommend a pea protein, but [it] depends on body type and weight-loss goals.”