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Outsmart Your Eating Instincts

The road to diet hell is paved with good intentions. Even if you’re committed to eating healthily, our minds are tricky little buggers that often derail our plans, without us even realizing it. The...

Video: Preventing Food-borne Illness

Cooking tips for keeping your food bacteria-free.

Video: What Causes Constipation?

The physical, nutritional, and emotional factors that are leaving you constipated

Research Debate: Can a Soda Tax Make America Skinny?

Some experts say yes and others say no way. The real deal about these controversial taxes.

Healthy Eating for $36 a Week

Get a day-to-day menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner-snacks too.

10 Snacks Under 100 Calories

When you’re jonesing for a snack, it’s all too easy to give into temptation and reach for a bag of potato chips or a jumbo Snickers bar. Then, we regret it—instantly. It’s time to...

Video: When Pesticides Harm

How pesticide residue on your food may be putting you at risk.

Video: Why Do I Have Gas?

Everything you wanted to know-but didn't want to ask-about gas.

Video: How Digestion Works

Understand the process of digestion and the problems that may occur along the way.