Peter Daust, a reporter at the UK’s Guardian, took on the Nordic Food Lab’s Halloween baking challenge to replace eggs with PIGS’ BLOOD in sweet dishes. Why would Daust do such a thing? Because Lab states that blood is a perfectly acceptable substitute if you’re allergic or just averse to eggs and think blood would be more your thing.Pigs’ blood and eggs contain a similar mix of proteins and both coagulate when heated, so, naturally, Daust baked three dessert recipes with his girlfriend’s young daughters in what seems to be his home kitchen.“They were disgusting,” said Mr. Daust of his pigs’ blood meringues. You don’t say! He barreled on nonetheless with a pigs’ blood chocolate cupcakes.If you try this at home (and I really hope you do and then email me about it!) use 65g of pigs’ blood to do the work of one medium egg and 43g of blood for one egg white. Here’s his adapted recipe, via the Guardian:110g butter110g caster sugar  (fine, granulated sugar to us Americans!)75g self-raising flour25g cocoa powder130g pigs bloodHere’s my adapted recipe for a little extra spice:eye of newttoe of frog1 stir clockwise with a wizard’s wandthe hair of a virgin now appearing in Newsies on BroadwayPigs’ blood in your dessert — just one more scary thing to watch out for this Halloween.