I’d like to start this column by congratulating all the cows out there for their recent big win. This month, a large study in the Archives of Internal Medicine confirmed previous research on the health risks of eating red meat.MORE: Is Ground Beef the Most Dangerous Meat to Eat?The study, involving nearly 38,000 men and 84,000 women over the course of almost 30 years, concluded that red meat consumption increased the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as cancer mortality—which should scare just about any individual who chooses to let red meat hit their lips.This study wasn’t the first of its kind; there have been many studies throughout the years on the ill effects of red meat in our diets. All of them related to chronic disease risk, but few of them, if any at all, looked at the ill effects that meat can have on outer beauty.Let’s first start with the basics—that is, red meat lacks some of the best beauty boosters around. Vitamins A and C are absent in red meat, and fruits and vegetables in general may be lacking in a diet where red meat rules. For example, the study that just came out showed that a higher red meat intake was associated with a higher amount of overall calories and lower amounts of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.MORE: Sneak in Beauty-Boosting VegetablesRed meat has also been associated with increased incidence of inflammation. One study found that saturated fatty acids were positively associated with inflammation, which is just about the worst thing you can have when it comes to your overall health and beauty.So I’m throwing down a challenge for you, your body and your beauty: Why not try to go meat-free for the next 30 days? A huge amount of research shows that doing so may not only make you more beautiful than you already are, but it will also help with a number of other inner-beauty benefits.You’ll lower your risk for hypertension, as well as for certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Your intake of fruits and vegetables will most likely go up, which means you’ll get more beauty-boosting vitamins and minerals such as biotin, selenium and vitamin C, helping to improve everything from wrinkle reduction to strong, healthy nails.MORE: Vitamin C Slows Skin AgingYou may also end up having more nuts and beans, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Those omega 3’s not only zap inflammation in the body but, can lead to more healthy skin and shiny, lustrous hair.Finally, cutting out meat may help you to lose those last few pounds, which would boost the best beauty property of all—your confidence! All this, just by taking a break from meat for 30 days. Are you game?