Supermodel Elle Macpherson is more than just a pretty face. The 50-year-old Australian model and entrepreneur has started paying closer attention to what she puts into her body, and has seen the benefits in both how she feels and looks.While announcing the launch of her Super Elixir green juice powder on Net-a-Porter, Macpherson shared some of the most important things she has learned about beauty and wellness over the years, and most importantly, how the two are linked.”No matter how I look, if I don’t feel good, it’s worthless,” she said. But when you feel good, you radiate. Here’s how the 6-foot beauty stays beautiful, both inside and out.1. One word: water. The one beauty item she always has with her? A bottle of water. “If you ask my kids ‘What’s the one thing Mom’s taught you?’ [The answer is] ‘Drink water,’ ” Macpherson said. In fact, she drinks three liters a day (no wonder her skin is flawless).2. She follows an alkaline diet. After visiting a nutritionist, Macpherson learned that the way she was eating was throwing off her body’s pH, making it acidic, and that this was the root of the wellness slump she was experiencing. “Most of our illnesses come from having an acidic body,” Macpherson learned from her nutritionist. So how can you eat more alkaline? Less red meat, less coffee (sorry!), and sleep at least 7 hours each night. (Learn more about the alkaline diet here.)3. She meditates every morning. After waking at 5 a.m., Macpherson closes her eyes for five minutes to reflect on the day, thinking about what she wants to do or see. “[Meditation is] part of my beauty routine because if I can be quite focused and open, I’m not going to look stressed, feel stressed or eat stressed,” she explained.4. She makes room in her schedule for wellness. “I schedule everything in my life. I put it in my diary and block out a specific time of day,” Macpherson said. “If you schedule it in then there’s no reason not to do it, because there’s nothing conflicting.” After driving her son to school, she sets aside an hour each morning around 8:15-9:15 to do “body work” — going for a run, doing yoga, or even getting a wax all fits into that category.5. She takes command of her health. After feeling like her body had suddenly changed, she got checked out and found out what was wrong (read: alkaline diet). Once she learned how to fix it, she created an opportunity for herself and others to make a change. “I was taking a pharmacy of pills and wanted to simplify and streamline and have one product that did everything,” she noted. Which is why she created the Super Elixir — this powerful green powder filled with high quality ingredients curated from around the world, has replaced her arsenal of supplements, and now she only drinks a bottle of this daily plus a CoQ10 supplement.6. She avoids foods that make her feel crappy. She doesn’t strictly avoid any foods; rather, she avoids food that make her feel “blah.” Specifically, she avoids mucous-forming foods like yogurt or other dairy. Also, luckily for her, acidic red meat isn’t on her “cravings” list either. She isn’t a pescetarian exactly, but does prefer fish over anything else.7. She makes fitness fun. “I think sport is really important,” Macpherson says. “Anything where your heart is in there.” She likes to mix it up, and loves hiking, skiing, waterskiing, and newly, tennis.After a long process of realizing how strongly wellness and beauty are linked, Macpherson is in a better place than before. “I love exactky where I am,” she said. “I could not be happier.” And her radiating smile makes this easy to believe.Related Articles:Emma Watson’s Beauty Habits Prove She’s Just Like UsTaylor Swift’s Most Stunning Makeup Looks