Call it the face-off of the young and the beautiful lifestyle queens. Here in one corner we have Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and in the other Oscar-nominated Kate Hudson. The showdown takes place in the arena of that breakfast staple: the smoothie. The choice of each of these titans may say a lot about their approach to life in addition to wellness.

One single ingredient in Paltrow’s blend, which is shared on her website, carries a price tag between $55 and $65. That buys a two-ounce jar of Moon Juice’s Moon Dust, a powdered combination of vitamins and herbs. Other smoothie ingredients are Ashwagandha powder, He Shou Wu and Cordyceps. Throw in some vanilla mushroom powder, almond butter, sea salt and coconut oil. The website says, “Gwyneth drinks one of these every morning, whether or not she’s detoxing.”

The total cost is almost $200.

Next up are the eye-openers that active wear Fabletics co-founder Hudson is blogging about. Out of the series of three green recipes, here’s one:

Refreshing Green Juice
1 sliced cucumber
2 cups spinach
1 apple
6 leaves of mint
8 oz coconut water

Total cost: Under $5.

What do these two lifestyle titans share in common in their attitudes toward diet and nutrition? Paltrow recently said this in an interview promoting her skin care line: “But I have a slightly easier philosophy, all around, than 10 years ago. I think I see now that life is really a balance. And it’s great to eat nutrient-dense organic food, if you can.”

“One thing everyone I know is trying to accomplish is balance,” said Hudson in introducing her new lifestyle book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body. “This book is about being as mindful as possible when it comes to your well-being, but still enjoying your life.

Hudson says her straightforward approach to healthy living focuses on simplicity, accessibility, positivity and “throwing the idea of ‘perfection’ out the window.” She added, “I learned a long time ago that trends and fads come and go and are not a long-term solution.”

Blending together smoothies of healthy fruit and vegetable ingredients leaves the pulp and fiber intact. Fiber is a particularly healthy addition to your diet. It reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes and discourages ugly problems such as constipation. Blending promotes a slower rate of sugar absorption than does simply juicing.

So what’s the underlying difference in the philosophies of Paltrow and Hudson? It could be simply what’s revealed by the price tag of their smoothies.