Whether it’s one relaxing glass of red wine or a fancy cocktail, drinking alcohol can come with both delights and dangers. In moderation, it brings some surprising health benefits. In excess, some bad decisions and a brutal hangover. To help prepare you for the booziest night of the year, here are some facts you need to know about what’s sloshing around in your glass.

  1. Need to think outside the box? Drinking alcohol helps boost creative problem solving.
  2. Routinely hitting up happy hour can  screws with your fitness goals more than you think.
  3. Beer goggles are a scientifically proven phenomenon (and completely legit excuse).
  4.  Dark liquors cause worse hangovers than clear ones.
  5. People with mold allergies might feel more hungover after drinking red wine.
  6. Taking a liver health supplement before drinking can prep your body and reduce your risk of a hangover.
  7. Regular drinkers get 16 percent of their total calories from alcohol.
  8. Sugar in alcohol and mixers causes a blood sugar crash the next morning, which is why you crave calorie-dense, aka fatty, foods.
  9. Red wine is effective at killing bacteria that causes cavities.
  10. Research shows a link between alcohol and allergies — so if you’re extra congested, try cutting out booze during allergy season.
  11. The flesh, skin and seeds of grapes contain melatonin, which might be why wine makes you a little sleepy.
  12. It’s almost impossible to eyeball one 5-ounce (a serving size) glass of wine.
  13. It might help you fall alseep faster, but drinking before bed can actually lead to a poorer night’s sleep overall.
  14. Our favorite: Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with better heart health and longer life. Bottoms up!

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