I resolve to cook more every time I look at my credit card statement. The New York Post asserted this month that New Yorkers are “addicted” to Seamless. Can you be addicted to an app? Probably. In any case, the New Year seems as good a time as any to reexamine my dining habits. My typical weekly dinner breakdown is: one night cooking, one night delivery, one night sad delivery leftovers, one night scrounging, one night movie popcorn, two nights out. My resolution is to make at least three home-cooked meals per week — which, in addition to saving my bank account, a study has shown leads to consuming fewer calories. Here’s how I’m starting:1. Plan Your MealsI’ll decide that I feel like chicken parm on the subway, buy the ingredients on my walk home, and make a $25 meal on a whim. Some planning (and self-restraint) will curb impulse purchases and allow for reusing ingredients in meals throughout the week. Here are some meal planning tips for beginners that I plan to use.2. Have Several OptionsDo you like to make a night of cooking or do you prefer to come home and heat something up? Have options for both on hand (i.e. keep your cabinet stocked with yummy soups) so you can always make a quick, healthy meal even when life gets in the way.3. Invest in YourselfIs something holding you back? Maybe you don’t have a solid spice rack, decent pans or never learned proper chopping skills. Set a reasonable budget for your new lifestyle and invest in kitchen tools that you’ll actually use when you cook more at home.4. Use the InternetIt’s 2015: there is no excuse not to educate yourself on how to cook easy, affordable foods. Bookmark our recipes page, read some food blogs, watch chefs on YouTube, and learn as much as you can from the comfort from your own kitchen.If you have any advice on how you made yourself cook at home more, please share them in the comments below.Related Articles:5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions