Even if you’ve read ways to prevent Alzheimer’s, somewhere before, it’s worth learning again. With 1 in 3 people over the age of 80 at risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s being constantly reminded on how to prevent it is important. Especially, since the Western diet is saturated with foods that seem accelerate it. Instead of just sitting back hoping you don’t be one of the three, you can be one of those women who actively does something about it.

Right away it’s important to know the foods you should consume regularly. The foods you eat play a major part in brain health and can reduce chances of getting it by nearly 40% percent. The best foods to eat include walnuts, or other foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Also foods rich in Vitamins C and E and foods high in Flavonoids such as apples, blueberries, asparagus, cabbage, kale, kidney beans, lima beans, and pomegranate are preferred. In fact, an animal study showed that pomegranate juice cut the risk of this disease in rats by half.


The foods mentioned above are highly recommended additions to your diet. If they’re in your diet already, then increase your consumption of them even more. You should also know that there are foods that should be removed altogether from your diet, namely pizza and pasta. Studies show that people who consume a Western style diet high in sugar processed foods and saturated fat were much more likely to have Alzheimer’s related proteins in their spinal fluid.

If you incorporate tons of plant based foods such as nuts, vegetables and beans into your diet, you’ll find yourself cruising into your golden years sharper than ever.

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