Losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge. Pretty much any woman who has tried to lose weight knows that. Whether you struggle to shed just 5 pounds, or you’re really good at losing weight, but can’t keep it off, you realize just how much of a struggle it can be.

We can listen to the diet gurus all day long, but if you want some different kind of advice, try listening to women who’ve “been there, done that”. Here are 5 women who’ve lost weight and kept it off.  You can learn a lot about the diet choices they made and use it to help you on your journey to becoming fit and fine.

First up we have Tiffany. According to her, she lost 100 pounds like this…

She started her day with a cup of coffee mixed with coconut oil. Then she’d eat grape nuts, or two fried eggs and oats. Lunch consisted of one of her homemade green salads. Dinner was sometimes homemade pizza on pita bread, baked chicken or tacos with ground turkey.

Next we have Sara. She lost 97 pounds.

At breakfast she ate mini chicken apple sausages with apple slices. For lunch she’d eat a burger with no bun and a side salad. Dinner was along the lines of roasted veggies and sweet potatoes.

Then we have Chiara. She lost 150 pounds.

For breakfast she consumed a smoothie with berries, almond or soymilk. Lunch was a salad. Dinner was something along the lines of stuffed peppers, ground turkey and quinoa.

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