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Grow a Brain Forest to Outsmart Alzheimer’s

While the disease can't be prevented, symptoms of Alzheimer's can be avoided by staying active and eating healthy.

Brain Foods to Fight Alzheimer’s

Keep your brain in fighting form with healthy fats and antioxidants.


Learn the difference between Alzheimer's and plain old forgetfulness.

Beauty Versus the World

The environment can wreak havoc on your looks. Here are 10 ways to prevent a natural (beauty) disaster.

Introducing Color Theory

Let's talk makeup!

Calm the Mind Before Bed

Put your mind at ease for a restful night's sleep with these calming rituals and techniques.

What Makes a Face Beautiful?

Feminine features and smooth skin make for an attractive face. (Psst"¦makeup can help, too!)

Skincare Basics: How to Wash Your Face

Having enviable skin can be as easy as washing your face the right way. Here's how.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain

If you strengthen your core muscles and try these tips, you can stop back pain before it starts!

Your Lower Back

From vertebrae to discs, muscles and nerves, your lower back handles the pressure and shock absorption of keeping you standing up and walking. Then, there are the aches that may come along with strain and injury.