Beauty is subjective, so what can you do if someone hurls their personal opinion to make you feel less beautiful? Well, the go-to would be to stay hidden in your room never to face the world again. We’re not doing that this year or any other year to come. We’re taking control of the situation. When trying to reclaim yourself, you should always remember that beauty isn’t just about your appearance, it’s also about what you can’t see, the intangible features. It’s about your spirit, resilience, and strengths. So, on a bad day, here’s how you can make yourself feel more beautiful.

Get out of your head
Getting lost in your thoughts will make you feel more troubled. Rather than going through life sulking, be aware and conscious of life and feel its essence.

Confidence boost
First off, in the game of life, confidence is vital, and when your confidence isn’t rock-solid, then self-doubt, self-loathing and low self-esteem will try to smother your light. So give yourself a confidence boost however you can today.

Take a five-minute break and go to the bathroom. Take a good look at yourself and remember where you came from, the struggles you’ve faced up to that moment. Remind yourself that if those tests didn’t break you, nothing will.

It’s no secret that smiling instantly makes you look more beautiful, but to feel beautiful, you’ll have to smile from the inside too.

If you don’t feel good, you won’t look good, so take care of yourself. Don’t deprive yourself of rest.

Align your posture in a way that makes you look and feel your absolute best. Hold your head high for a confidence boost.

Be kind
Showing kindness illuminates one’s physical and inner beauty. It makes you a beacon of all things positive.

Eat well
Some foods trigger happiness, while others have regret as a byproduct. You’ll feel more beautiful when you’re well-fed with nutritious foods.

Play some music
Music is the ultimate mood changer as it can make you feel so many emotions. So, when you don’t feel pretty, play some soul enlivening music and feel the happiness creep in. You can even dance while you’re at it.

Go out
Dressing up with your girls and going out is a sure mood turner. Take some bomb pics for added effect.

We all have days when we don’t feel our best, and some of us are used to riding out the storm. Rather than feel out of control, seize your day and mold it however you want with either or a combination of these tips.