If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that heels look gorgeous, but can feel unpleasant. When you have the perfect heels that complete your outfit, making them as comfortable as possible is the key to ensuring you can focus on your event rather than the pain. To help you, here are some top tips for making sure your feet will not be screaming by the end of the night.

  1. Wear Them In

Before putting on a brand-new pair of heels on and heading out to the town, take the time to break them in first. Walk in them around your home diligently for a few days, so they’re adequately stretched out to avoid your pinching your feet.

  1. Pick the Right Shape for Your Feet

Sometimes the heels of your dreams may not work for your foot structure. Even if you want to wear them, it would be wise to shop for ones that match the shape of your foot to maximize comfortability. For example, if you have flat feet, stay away from heels higher than 3 inches.

  1. Use Moleskin

Moleskin pads are perfect for preventing blisters. They have strong durability and can last all day. Place a patch over the problem areas to reduce skin rubbing that can turn into painful sores.

  1. Use an Anti-Blister Stick 

Anti-blister sticks, like the Solemates Anti Friction Balm, are essential to carry with you in your purse for emergency foot situations. This product is a transparent stick that lubricates areas of your feet that may cause problems with prolonged heel wearing.

  1. Wear Padded Inserts

If the balls of your feet hurt the most for you, investing in padded or gel inserts would be perfect for cushioning that area. You can also find toe caps as well if that is your problem area, making for a much better overall experience.

  1. Use Heel Grips if your feet are narrow

If you have narrow feet, heel grips are ideal. Anything without a strap can cause your foot to slide around, causing it to be incredibly aggravating. These grips stop your feet from slipping inside your shoes, which is optimal for comfort.

  1. Buy the Correct Size

This may be common sense, but it is one of the leading causes of pain while wearing heels. When you get a size too small or too large, your foot cannot settle appropriately inside the heel, making it a disaster waiting to happen.

  1. Watch Your Heel Tips

Few people know to do this, but the tip of your heels can drastically impact your feet. The more worn out they are, the more likely it will affect your balance and walking motion, which can be very painful on your feet.

  1. Pick the Right Heels

If you know that you will stand for long periods, you do not have to sacrifice heel wearing. Try going to a more supportive heel, like a wedge or a thick based one. Find the right pair for your particular event that has the features you desire to obtain a win-win outcome.

  1. Get a pedicure

Believe it or not, sometimes the solution can be remediated by focusing on your feet rather than your heels. Getting a pedicure can help reduce callus build-up, reduce inflammation, and hydrate your skin. These aspects collectively can make for a more natural and comfortable feeling inside your heels.