Body positivity can be a tricky subject, and social media can make loving yourself even more difficult. With countless filtered pictures and airbrushed bodies, a scroll through Instagram, in particular, can leave us ladies feeling deflated. That is why you must follow accounts that make you feel good. Here are 5 of our favorite Instagram influencers that will fill your feed with body positivity!


We love Grace for her incredible body-confidence and continually speaking out on critical taboo subjects such as periods, sex, and positive body-image for plus-sized women. Her gorgeous feed is filled with lingerie and outfit pics, as well as beauty posts, empowering quotes, and bold statements. Although she is an advocate for self-love, she still claims to be ‘learning to love her body.’ Her regular posts show us that she’s undoubtedly encouraging herself and others to do precisely that.


Chessie has been open about her struggles with body image. She’s been on the receiving end of hate for her appearance when she was both thin and heavy. Thankfully, she developed a ‘zero f****s’ attitude. Chessie is known and loved for sharing unfiltered images and videos of her body, cellulite, and ‘rolls.’ Her recent debut book, ‘Be Your Own Best Friend,’ tackles many different female issues surrounding hormones, our bodies, and our minds, pushing us to be strong and full of self-love.


Known as ‘Floss’ on Instagram, Cosmopolitan Influencer of The Year ’19 Florence Given is an empowering artist and author that regularly speaks out about her bisexuality and our struggle as women to constantly conform to society’s idea of ‘beauty.’ Her feed is filled with beautiful illustrations, fierce selfies, and tons of incredible advice. Similar to Chessie, Floss also has a new book out at the minute titled ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty,’ which teaches women to ‘stop being pretty and polite’ and stand up for what they believe in.