Some couples like to keep their relationship on the hush. Others, well… they want the whole world to know they’re together. If you and Bae want the whole world to know you’re an “item” then you’re probably always considering creative ways to profess your adoration for each other. A great way to do that is with matching outfits.

This isn’t cheesy at all. You can actually pull it off quite nicely with the right set of combinations. Wearing matching outfits is the real life proclamation of your relationship Facebook status.


Whether you want to stroll in the park, enjoy a game, peruse the mall or just hangout at a friend’s house, these matching couple outfit ideas spell L.O.V.E in a hot fashionable way.

Jean Top With White Bottoms – Encourage your guy to wear a soft blue jean buttoned down shirt with white pants. You’ll match him perfectly with a white thigh high wrap around skirt and matching top. The two of you will look like royals.

Teal Tops Black Bottoms – For those who dare to wear teal, this outfit combination is perfect. You can wear a cute teal off the shoulder top with a black mini skirt accessorized perfectly with a teal necklace. He can wear black jeans, with a basic teal t-shirt. The two of you will look like a regular Ken and Barbie.

Black Tee and Ripped Jeans – If Ken and Barbie aren’t your style, try a more punk look with matching black tees and ripped jeans. Roll yours up at the ankle for a more feminine touch and pair them off with black shades.

Bonnie and Clyde Anyone? – If you and Bae are feeling like it’s you two against the world, then you’ve got to try out these cute matching couple Bonnie and Clyde jerseys.

Peppermint Twins – This cute combination of colors will attract the eyes. Try a fitted red and white patterned top matched with a white mini skirt and black belt. He can wear a red and white stripped top with black jeans. The two of you will look super sweet.

Twin Gucci Loafers – Sometimes you may just want matching shoes. In that case, nothing spells fashion like a pair of matching Gucci loafers.

What about you and Bae? Do the two of you dress alike?

Images via Pinterest.