Every summer, something new comes in style. Summer is the time of experimenting with fashion choices and letting your true style shine through. Summer 2019 hasn’t been disappointing when it comes to fashion, as so many new and exciting styles have come out.

If you’re interested in changing up your closet and need some inspiration, or even just curious what’s been hot this summer, here are some of our favorite summer 2019 styles:

Biker Shorts
Biker shorts have been a thing since Kim Kardashian made them a thing last summer, and they haven’t gone out of fashion since. Biker shorts are so versatile as they can be worn with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers or with Dr. Martens and a crop top.

Animal Prints
And who said you couldn’t mix animal prints? Summer 2019 threw that idea out the window and is all about the animal prints. Zebra with cheetah print is the new move.

Neon has been in style, and it will stay in style. Neon has been on the rise for quite some time now, but the color has expanded from just clothes into accessories, makeup, even cars!

Hair Accessories
Barrettes, barrettes, and more barrettes. If you haven’t caught on to the barrette hair trend, what are you doing?! You can find barrettes in just about any color, shape, and size. You can even get them with words on them if you’re feeling spicy!

Bermuda Shorts
This one sounds weird, but with the right outfit, Bermuda shorts can be super cute. I love to wear my Bermuda shorts with a crop top and chunky sneakers for a sweet and comfortable look.

Rattan Bags
These bags give off super summery vibes, which is probably why you can’t step outside without seeing at least one person with one.

Floral Dresses
Floral summer dresses are a staple this summer because they’re so comfortable and cute. You need to throw on a cute floral dress with some sneakers and a bag, and you’re good to go.

Bucket Hats
Bucket hats have taken over the hat world this summer. You can go basic with a solid color bucket hat or play around with different patterns.

Visors are another summer hat trend that has taken off. Visors can be hard to pull off, but look really good with a summer dress or a pair of shorts.