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Where Can I Buy A Real Corset?

When YouBeauty introduced you to Sarah Chrisman and her love of Victorian corsets, we were inundated with questions about where you could find one to try. Known as tight lacing corsets, these pieces aren’t the...

6 Scientifically Proven Tips to Dress Sexy

Maybe you’ve heard that men love women who proudly put their décolletage on display. Or perhaps you’ve been told that guys really go for a woman decked out in tomboy attire. The fact is,...

5 Bright and Beautiful Spring Accessories

Now that winter will soon be a thing of the past, our style maven Jacqui Stafford reveals her favorite springtime accessories.

5 Flattering Travel Outfits for Your Body Shape

Even if you’re sitting in economy, you can still have first-class style. And while it’s easy to feel like a hot mess when traveling—lack of sleep, wrestling with luggage, security frisks and so on—there’s...

5 Summer Little Black Dresses You Can Wear To Anything

Little Black Dresses are a cliche for good reason: they're a budget-savvy way to revamp your wardrobe, because they can seamlessly take you from one event to another, no matter how varied your schedule is this season....

6 Sweat-Proof, Frizz-Busting Summer Beauty Essentials Experts Swear By

YouBeauty Style Expert Jacqui Stafford shares the skincare and makeup products she reaches for each summer.
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#TheDress Drama Reignites As Twitter Asks, “Which Color Nail Polish Matches This Shoe?”

Remember when #TheDress tore this nation (the whole world, really) apart? Quick refresher: everyone from preteens to world leaders to pop stars weighed in on whether a dress featured in a Twitter photo was...

This Summer’s Most Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Protect your peepers in these stylish shades designed to balance and flatter your face shape.

5 Jewelry Box Staples Every Woman Should Have

Style expert Jacqui Stafford shares her favorite jewelry essentials.

Best Beach Coverups For Your Body Shape

Sizzle on the sand or poolside with these body-friendly beachside looks.