Cleaning out a closet can be a tiring chore. You will probably won’t feel like doing it, and you will procrastinate, but it is vital to get rid of the unnecessary things in your life and make room for the useful items. We compiled a process for you to ensure you don’t keep putting it off!

Listen to music or a podcast

You want to remain motivated while cleaning. Listen to an entertaining podcast or upbeat music to keep you enthusiastic about finishing what you’ve started.

Take everything out

You must take all your belongings out of the closet, so you can see everything and know what you are working with. This will also help you to get a grasp on how many items you own. Put all the clothes you take out on the bed.

Be harsh with your decisions

Now it’s time to do the emotionally draining work. You have to choose what is staying and what doesn’t belong in your life anymore. Before you start, decide on how much clothing do you plan to get rid of. It will motivate you to stay on the right track and work towards your goal.

Divide your clothes into three piles. The first pile is for the clothes that you are parting with, second for the clothes you are not sure about and third for the clothes that are staying.

When making a decision, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions. A few example questions: “Does this item bringing me joy?” “How many times have I worn this in the past year?” and “Is this my style?” It will be hard to part with certain items but remember they are only holding you back.

Don’t hold onto ‘just in case’ items. They are just taking space for situations that might never come. Marie Kondo, an expert on organization, advises on thanking the item you’ve decided to part with before throwing it away to have closure. Take a week to see if you reach for the clothes in the maybe pile to decide which items you want to keep and which are ready to go.

Clean your closet

Now that everything is out of your closet, take advantage to clean it and remove all the dust that piled up.


It’s time to put everything back in the closet. Sort your items in a way that allows you to see what you own. You will feel good about your refreshed wardrobe. Plus, deciding what to wear in the morning will be much easier.