Millions of Americans plan on Monday’s viewing of the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. since 1979, and they’ve already got their solar filter glasses. There’s still time to run out and pick up a pair of the cardboard specs that resemble the 3D movie glasses of yesteryear. But if your local eyewear boutique is sold out of solar filter glasses, don’t even think about sneaking a peek with regular old sunglasses. Viewing the total eclipse without the right protection can damage your eyes tremendously.

Sunglasses aren’t an option, because they’re nowhere near strong enough to filter out harmful rays. By comparison to your beach shades, real eclipse glasses are so dark that they’re impossible to see through, even when sitting outside in bright sunlight or inside in a strongly lit room.

Excitement over the total solar eclipse may, however, whet your appetite for sunglasses you can wear for the next 38 years until another historic solar show rolls around. If so, there are plenty of stylin’ trends in sunglasses to divert your eyes from the skies. Here is a sampling.

Extreme Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Pump up the volume on your regular cat-eyes and try an oversized style with brow-bar.

JPlus, $355;

Valesca Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $218;

Kate Spade New York Wherein Cat Eye Sunglasses, $180;

See Eyewear Havana Amber Gradient Sunglasses, $99;

Geometric Sunglasses

Whether you go bold with Miu Miu sunglasses or tone it down a notch with or a subtle version like the Steven Alan option, you’ll find this quirky style looks good on many face shapes.

Krewe Octavia, $335;

Alan Kingsley Sunglasses, $95;

Oversized Hexagon Sunglasses, $400;

Ray-Ban Icons Irregular Sunglasses, $150;

Le Specs Ottoman Sunglasses, $119;

Shield Sunglasses

Ducking from the paparazzi or just ducking into the grocery without makeup? Hide out like a celeb with these 80’s-inspired shades.

Privé Revaux The Madam Sunglass, $29.95;

Balenciaga Monochromatic Shield Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $495;

Michael Kors Paphos Sunglasses, $99;

Aldo Horelle Sunglasses, $16.90;

Colored Lenses

Reach back into the past for ’90s-inspired red (remember Sally Jesse Raphael?) or a 70’s psychedelic ombre. These are the colors of the rainbow you’ll find a must for right now.

Tom Ford Samantha 55mm Sunglasses, $445;

Quay Australia Muse Fade Aviator Sunglasses, $72;

Urban Outfitters Fiona Translucent Sunglasses in Red, $18;

Brow-Bar Sunglasses

The brow bar adds a dramatic detail to all kinds of silhouettes from aviators to round sunglasses to geometric shapes and cat-eyes.

Komono, $89.95;

DIFF Astro, $85;

Polaroid  6031 Round Sunglasses, $65;

Etnia Barcelona Verdi Sunglasses, $265;

AJ Morgan Round Metal Sunglasses in Rose Gold, $19;

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