Winter is around the corner, and the cold and chilly weather is already hitting us. So, of course, there are new essential items you should obsess over to help you survive this winter, and hopefully, all the upcoming ones!

Long hot water bottle

This is the first item that comes in mind when thinking about the cold nights coming up. It’s perfect for helping warm up the entire body. Not only can you use it as a super quick bed warmer for the coziest bed ever, but you can also use it to help with any back pain and PMS pain. Really, the possibilities are endless and totally worth the money.

Blanket sweatshirt

This item just sells itself. This is perhaps the best thing I invested my money in this season. It’s literally a warm blanket you can wear! The inside is so warm and soft. It’ll make you feel so comfortable (and sleepy!)

Thermal socks

Cold feet suck, that’s why these socks are absolutely perfect. What I love most about them is that they are not too warm on my feet, plus they are great to wear with winter boots. If your extremities tend to get cold quickest, grab a pair of these.

Hot cocoa mix

This goes without saying, but hot cocoa and hot beverages are so good in the wintertime. They warm you from the inside out! And these easy to make hot chocolate packs are a treat for a chilly night in.

Fleece-lined sweatpants

I consider these a must-have item for winter for anyone who’s constantly cold or suffers from chronic pain and arthritis. They are super thick, comfy, and easy to wear. Definitely using these at home or for my next dog walk.