Fashion can be anything you make it — you’re the blank canvas, and fashion is the paint you create a picture with. Our canvases are all unique from one another, and that’s part of what makes the pictures we paint with fashion so compelling. As with any art, sometimes you want to overstate certain elements, and other times you might want to understate them — height is one of those elements that fashion can influence.

If you’ve always felt that height was difficult to achieve, we’ve got some fashion tricks to change your mind. If you want to look taller, what you wear can make a big difference. Here are some tricks to make you look taller, and maybe sneak your way into that modeling audition after all.

Get a Tailor

First thing first — find a tailor and make them your new best friend. Nothing will help you look more proportioned that having your clothes tailored explicitly to you.

Vertical Stripes

For the same reason, you would avoid horizontal stripes if trying to slim your figure, wearing vertical lines is a great trick for appearing taller.

Monochromatic Looks

Dressing in all one color is not only super chic, but it’s also an excellent trick for elongating your figure to give the illusion of more height. By not breaking your outfit into sections through different colors, you’ll appear much taller.

Crop Tops 

Creating the appearance of height mainly comes down to playing with visual proportions. With crop tops, the tiny shirt helps to create the illusion of a longer torso and thus more height.


Another method of playing with proportions features all things high-waisted. By choosing high-waisted bottoms, you help to elongate your legs and ultimately trick people’s eyes into seeing you as taller.

Shoe Size

With shoes, you want to either opt for lower heights, like ankle boots, or the higher heights, like thigh-high boots. Both options accentuate the length of your legs.

Shoe Shape

Another shoe-based trick to make you look taller comes down to shoe shape. Many of the shorter celebrities are fond of donning pointed toes because these shoes give you just an inch or so extra to help with height.

For the height-shy among us, using fashion to create the illusion of being taller is a useful trick to keep up our petite-sized sleeves. These fashion tricks will help you pull out the illusion of height whenever you need it.