You can make your outfits stand out and have more personality if you pair them with jewelry. Layered earrings can elevate your looks and accentuate your best features. Layering can also allow you to create a look that is signature to you.

Experiment with Different Shapes
Have fun while you are pairing up your earrings, and don’t be afraid to match up different shapes as this will make the look more interesting. Pairing earrings you wouldn’t wear together usually will make things unexpected and multi-dimensional. Additionally, layered earrings will look fabulous when paired with a simple and elegant outfit. Try matching earrings that have the same finishes. That way, the look will look consistent. You can also use the earrings of different sizes to add variety.

Mix and Match Different Finishes
Don’t be afraid to experiment and try unconventional things. You should try layering earrings with gold and silver finish. This will create an intricate look. However, if you decide to take your look in this direction, you shouldn’t go too far with other tips. Earrings that are of similar shape and size will work the best in this scenario.

Make One Earring the Star of the Show
Pick a statement earring that will be the main focus of the layered look. Once you pick your statement earring, you want to complement it with smaller earrings. That way, other earrings won’t overshine the statement piece. The statement earring should be bold. You can go for colorful earrings or big and sparkly ones. You can also choose to wear the statement earring only on one ear to keep things exciting and fashion-forward.

Mix Different Textures
A great way to add dimension to your outfit is to match together earrings that have different textures. Earrings can be smooth or rough, made out of metal or fabric. They can be pretty versatile. Match simple earrings with the ones decorated with gemstones. You can also experiment with earrings that have engravings and interesting textures, as these can make the look feel complete and more thoughtful.