Large closets are the best friends everyone wants, and as you would expect, small closets can be the bane of anyone’s existence. When you think of large closets, you dream about the ease that comes with pulling out an outfit and how efficient arranging clothing items into sections can be.

As it stands, not many of us get to enjoy what it feels like to have a huge and impressive closet. Here are five great hacks to help you utilize every inch in your small closet, so at least you can feel like you’re living the Real Housewives dream!

Use color codes
This doesn’t have to be an overtly sophisticated system. It just has to be one that helps you remember where you put your clothing items when you need them. Move the yellow and blue colors to one side, so you know where to look when you are searching for a red-colored item.

Hangers are your best friends
Because you have a small space, you want to maximize your allocation as much as you can. You want to be able to identify your clothes, and you want to be able to pull out an outfit without clearing out all the clothes. Invest in hangers that can be doubled or tripled up, so you can hang multiple items or group outfits together by hooking the hangers together.

Utilize the space on top of your closets
We typically just end up stacking items we never use in our closets, and if you are pressed for space, you need to be more creative about how you use the area. You can place your shoes, handbags, and even wig stands on the upper shelf with shelf separators. Shelf separators will keep things clean and organized for you, so things don’t get lost in a big pile.

Seal up clothes that are out of season
Wearing winter clothes during summer is certainly a no-no, so why have winter-appropriate garments in your closet during summer? Free up space by sealing those clothes that are not in use and stowing them away for wearing during the appropriate time.

Use the door
Hanging things on the inside of your closet can help you get more room than you imagined. You can hang your scarves, wigs, or other light items.

Tight closet spaces can be downright frustrating to deal with, but you know what they say about when life throws you lemons. Make things easier on yourself by organizing well and planning.