Self-doubt is, unfortunately, more common than you might think. It could span a lot of things, be it lack of confidence in one’s physical appearance, intelligence, or sense of worth. Everyone has a moment of self-doubt now and then. In some people, it may occur when they’re trying new things, relationships, or job opportunities.

Self-doubt affects the way we see ourselves, the way we dress, and even how we act. We want you to conquer your self-doubts, making you the author of your life! If you’ve been hiding in oversized t-shirts and sweatpants your entire life, let’s have you tackle a few sexier pieces to regain that confidence.

Look in the mirror

If your self-doubt spans from how you see yourself physically, then it may be hard to look in the mirror. That all needs to change. You are beautiful by all definitions, and even if the world tells you different, don’t you think you should be on your own team? Don’t let others’ opinions about you affect the way you see yourself. You were created with love and a whole lot of beauty, so don’t accept anything less. In essence, start loving and appreciating yourself more as this is the key to ending your self-doubt and feeling more confident in your skin.

Ditch the baggies

There’s nothing wrong with having a few oversized outfits in case you’re having a lazy day and don’t feel like dressing up. However, if your wardrobe is predominantly filled with clothes that are either oversized or very unflattering, it’s time to throw them out. Think of it as a purge at the end of which a new you will emerge. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Now, go ahead and toss those boxy clothes.

Get your sexy on

Enlist a support system! Get your girlfriends and go shopping. Try different symmetrical clothes, and don’t be afraid to show a little skin. Let your friends know you’re venturing out of your comfort zone so they can support you. From work clothes to casual wears, and party-appropriate outfits, get options that aren’t just flattering, but make you the star of the room.

The trick to being sexy isn’t just about the clothes; it’s also about the aura and confidence of the individual. Be comfortable enough in your skin to exude confidence, and your sexiness will be unparalleled.