No matter what the season, it seems that we just can’t let go of our beloved pair of shorts. It’s so much easier not to pack away our summer staples when the cold weather hits. While it seems like we shouldn’t reach for our fave pair of shorts in the fall and winter, that’s not always the case. Just because the winds got a bit chilly doesn’t mean you have to skip out on wearing items that show off your legs. Here are a few ideas to make sure you look stylish and cozy.

#1 Wrap It Up With A Trench Coat:

Wearing shorts underneath a trench coat will not only save you from the biting winds and the chilly season but will also be your key to making a fashion-forward statement. In case you haven’t heard, trench coats are so in this year.

#2 Slip Tights On:

If you don’t feel like going for a jacket or a blazer but want to wear shorts this fall, you can slip a pair of tights on underneath to save you from the harsh weather.

#3 Throw On Some Sheer Leggings:

A pair of sheer leggings will do the job just fine when it comes to wearing shorts in the fall season for a totally chic look when it’s not frigid outside.

#4 Pair Them With Tall Boots:

You can’t miss an opportunity to wear those gorgeous tall boots when the fall season arrives, so bust out your favorite heels and pair them with shorts for a bold and badass look this season.

#5 Show Your Fun Side With Rompers:

Wearing rompers or overalls is a chance to show off your fun side and wear shorts all at once. So go and own that chic and carefree look with a cute set of rompers this fall season.