As the fall season approaches, the fabrics we wear are changing. It’s time to go from sheer to cozier materials that will keep us insulated and comfortable. One of the go-to fabrics this season is velvet. Yes! Velvet is making a comeback. Some style ideas on how to wear it right include:

  • Ankle boots: Wear velvet on your feet in the style of a chunky boot. Be sure to go for a rich jewel color such as royal blue, emerald green or burgundy. Pair it with a light color so the jewel color of the boot remains the focal point.
  • Evening dress: Going out for the evening? If you’re attending a party, then you’ll steal the show in velvet. Don’t worry about waiting until the holiday parties to wear one. You can tone it down with a belt and sport it to any party.
  • Daytime dress: You can even wear velvet during the day. Wear a frock with a loose cut and pair with your favorite shoes.
  • Blazers: If you love wearing blazers, go for a velvet blazer. pair with skinny jeans and you’re all set!
  • Velvet pants: This isn’t something we see common outside of the pajama section, but velvet pants do exist! Go for a wide leg pant. If you want your pants to stand out, keep the other parts of your outfit like the shirt and the purse minimum so your pants can steal the show.

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