2019 has been the year of bringing the ’90s and 2000s back in style. It’s been the year of Doc Martens, leopard print, and barrettes. And while fashion has slowly been evolving backward, so has jewelry. Jewelry styles come and go with the seasons. This past summer was all about seashells and pearls, but this is what fall jewelry has in store:

Long earrings

And I mean, earrings down to your collarbone. Kidding- well, kind of. Long earrings are in this fall and they come in all different styles. Feathers, chains- whatever is your style.


Tassels have always been a popular earring choice, but they’re especially popular for this fall season. Tassels are a fun way to give an outfit a bohemian vibe, but they can be a fun twist to any outfit.


Bringing you right back to when you were a kid and made jewelry with beads. Beads are one of the biggest fall jewelry styles, and we mean colorful, differently shaped, statement beads.

Chunky rings

Rings are one of the more subtle types of jewelry, but this fall rings are becoming a statement piece. Fall 2019 is the year of oversize everything, and it looks like rings are joining in on the hype.

Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are making a comeback this fall season- and this time, the chunkier, the better. Cuff bracelets give any outfit an edgy look and are super cool when paired with more subtle jewelry.


Anklets made their big return this summer with dainty pearls and light colors. It looks like they’re sticking around into the fall, except thicker gold chains are in.