Prince was an uninhibited artist who clearly enjoyed experimenting with fashion. He’ll probably best be remembered for his bold, fearless and unapologetically hyper-sexual style. Not only did his music transcend cultures, but his style breathed new life for artistic expression. From boas and frilly shirts to high heels and lace gloves, Prince pushed the boundaries on how a man should dress.

In memory of his iconic style, we’ll take a look back at his bold fashion statements throughout the years.

Animal-striped two piece: During his performance at the Bottom Line in 1980, he sported a cut up swim suit like number with animal stripes. His look and sound were hyper sexual and disco-inspired.

Trench coat, bandana and underpants: With the drop of his “Dirty Mind” album, the musician sported a trench coat with tiny underpants and a bandana.

Three piece suit: At the 1983 American Music Awards, he wore a sharp three piece suit, dragging the blazer casually behind him.

Purple blazers: During his Purple Rain era, he traded in bikini underpants for flashy purple blazers without a shirt.

Pink boa: During his performance in Inglewood, California, he rocked an embellished jacket accented with a pink boa.

Psychedelic jumpsuit: This particular number was a printed jumpsuit.

Midriff baring top: He showed off his impressive abs by wearing a crop top.

Tier-fringed pants: During a performance in Minneapolis, he rocked a pair of high-waisted, tier-fringed pants and matching armbands.

Two-piece set: While attending the Diamonds Are Forever gala in London, he was seen in a glittering two-piece set and a single hoop earing.

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