Preparing for vacation is always fun. That is until… you have to pack what you’re going to wear. So many factors come into play at that point. For instance, “What will the weather and climate be like?” “Will I go somewhere fancy?” “How many causal items will I need?” And that’s just the beginning.

Before you know it, you will have packed an entire suitcase or suitcases full of items that you may never end up wearing. So, how do you pack for vacation without overdoing it? Here are some pieces to include next time you head off, that’ll help prevent you from over packing, while also giving you peace of mind you you’ve got everything you need.

Wrangler denim shorts: Any pair of denim shorts are a must have. But, Wrangler Heritage Denim shorts are a niece brand. You can’t go wrong with shorts on a day out on the town.

Wrap dress: A beautiful wrap dress is a comfortable outfit to have for when you’re making a long journey. Consider going with Sunward Wrap Dress. You can get an incredible option for as little as $12.

Pair of sneakers: A comfy pair of sneakers are a must have for vacation. They give you all around support and can be matched with most anything ranging from shorts to dresses.

Box-cut tee: A perfect everyday piece to go for is a box cut tee. In particular, consider going with Everlane Linen Box-Cut Tee.

Wedges: Besides sneakers, it’s also a good idea to pack wedges. They can easily cross over from a day shoe to a night shoe.

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