Spring is here and summer is right behind. This means it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for the warm weather. That includes sunglasses too. But, before you grab those old pair of shades or spend a grip on a new pair check out the best and worst sunglasses for each face. Afterwards, have a look at the best sunglasses for every skin tone.

Face Shape

Face shapes vary from person to person. Some have round faces, others have heart shaped faces.

Heart-shaped face: Those with heart shaped faces should avoid round shades, shields or oversized glasses. Instead, embrace retro square shaped, cat eye and sport styled shades.

Square face: If your face is shaped like a square stay away from cat eye, oversized or retro square shades. These aren’t flattering. Instead, go for aviator, round and shield shaped.

Round face: If your face is shaped like a circle you may not want to wear round shades, aviators or sport styled. You may look more  flattering in cat eye and regular square shaped.

Oval face: Oval faced people may not want to pick up cat eye, round or square shaped sunglasses. They may look better in aviator, oversized and retro square.

Now that you know the best shape, it’s time to move on to color.

Skin Tone

When deciding on color of frames, keep your skin tone in mind. Apparently, some colors flatter skin tones better according to color theory. Warm and cool skin tones make a difference.

The best color shade frames for cool skin tone include: blue, green, tortoise, silver, black, grey, purple and pink.

The best color shade frames for warm skin tones include: ivory, tan, brown, olive, gold, red, orange and yellow.

Of course, you’re free to wear what you like and don’t have to follow any of these rules. They are just good rules of thumb.

Now that you know which shades will flatter you the most, it’s time to go sunglass shopping!

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