Embark on a virtual coast-to-coast fashion road trip and find out what’s hot across the USA. Discover that the color black is still in style in Phoenix, but that the Little Black Everything may be on its way out in Los Angeles. That’s what happens when Tommy Hilfiger and InStyle team up to spotlight women in 12 of the country’s hottest fashion cities. Learn how stylin’ individuals are adapting the runway trends and making them sizzle in their very own locales.

The quest started in Los Angeles and will wind up in Atlanta and on through to New York City. With four cities down and eight to come, there’s plenty of time to get in on the fun road trip. Here’s a sample of what’s gone down so far in the search for the best personal style across America:

Los Angeles, Calif.

Caroline Juen @loveandloathinginla says “There’s always a time and place for ‘all black everything’ but with the sun shining here 300 out of 365 days, we have a lot of fun with our wardrobes.” The stylista started her lifestyle blog to share the inspiration for art, food and fashion that is LA. She spills on how to put the Angeleno touch to her runway favs. Plus, she gives away secrets on the LA lifestyle.

Las Vega, NV

Valerie Julian @val-fruition says, “Las Vegas is built around escapism and surrealism.” The Nevada native is a stylist, creative consultant and the co-owner of Fruition, an independent boutique in Las Vegas. Her resume also boasts her creds as “life athlete” for fitness community Mission I’mPOSSIBLE Worldwide.

Phoenix, Ariz.

Kennedy Dawn @kennedydawn says, “Black. Black jeans, black belt, black T-shirt, with some really cool shoes. In my opinion, the shoes make the outfit.” Dawn is West Coast from her Portland roots to her current home in Phoenix. She gives Arizona flair to the A-line silhouettes and personalized patches she saw at the TommyxGigi show.  That was the first Tommy Hilfiger runway show that decamped from NYC to the Los Angeles. She explains why every head-to-toe black outfit demands cool shoes.

Denver, Co.

Taura-Vivian Deacon @golden-warrior says, “Denver has attracted so many diverse groups and in return has become a bit of a melting pot of people and styles.”

She’s a Denver-based stylist and art gallery warehouse manager who adds, “Comfort is by far the most important aspect of an outfit to me.”  Did we mention she’s a motorcycle chick who samples modeling and photography? She says a true personal style is less about what you’re wearing and more about how you feel.

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