Winter’s around the corner. If you are a fashion lover, the one thing you need the most in your closet is a stylish teddy coat. This chic wardrobe staple will turn heads every time you step out of the house in one of them. Apart from providing a trendy look, it also produces a warm comfort during the chilly season.

Since its first appearance on the runways in 2017, the teddy coat rapidly started appearing in many people’s wardrobes. This coat can be worn in several ways to a fashionably smart look. The following are a few of the style hacks to wear your teddy coat this winter.

Tuck In

The simplest way to style this coat is to wear it with a basic t-shirt. Tuck the t-shirt in, pair it with a fresh pair of jeans, throw on your teddy coat, and you’re all set to show off your outfit. Stylish and casual outfit ready in a jiffy!

Color Blast

The popping colors are another reason to wear these coats. Teddy jackets were first popular in tones of brown. Now, they can be found in many other mesmerizing colors. Spice up a simple outfit with a colored teddy coat.

Cool Turtle Necks

Turtle neck and teddy jackets are a pretty cool way to slay the day. Pair up your teddy coat with a turtle neck sweater. This can also be the perfect winter night date outfit!

Layers of Style

Looking trendy throughout winter can be challenging, but if you’re looking for easy inspiration, layering is your answer. Not only does is instantly elevate your look, but it keeps you warm. Make sure to pick the right companion for your teddy coat to accentuate it, like a simple t-shirt, a smart V-neck, or even shorts!

The Actual Teddy Bear Style

A genuine classic teddy coat is the one that keeps you sufficiently warm and toasty. It’s what keeps you coming back to the trend. For a cute look, you can tie or button your teddy coat closed for a bear hug of warmth and pair with leggings for a hassle-free outfit!

The fashion world welcomed this coat with open hugs and has been loving it for quite some time now. With the winter rolling around, it’s time to bust out your favorite teddy coat this winter with these easy styling tips.