Dress to beat the heat, and you’ll feel cooler, sweat less, and still be stylin’ with these fashion tricks. The secret is to let air flow against your skin and waft heat away from your body. You’ll look good and feel even better with the right summer fashions.

Loose Clothes Are Cool Clothes.

Keeping clothing away from your body will keep you cool. Ditch the skimpy skintight shorts for a flowing maxi dress and let the breezes caress your skin.

Leave Lined Clothes in the Closet.

Stick with unlined jackets, skirts, and dresses, and they won’t stick to you. The name of the game is allowing air to get to you, and lining throws up one more barrier between you the gentle gusts. Linings are often synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe well, m’eaning they trap more hot air against your body.

Wear a Soft Unlined Bralette Instead.

Leave the padded bra in your lingerie drawer until the temperature drops. Padded bras fly in the face of two summer no nos you want to avoid: Tight clothing against your body and lining.

Favor Natural Fabrics Over Synthetics.

Rayon and polyester don’t let air flow through as well as cotton does. Plus, they trap sweat more and leave you feeling as though you are walking around in a sauna. Cotton absorbs sweat better and dries faster.

Choose Light Colors. 

Light colors keep you cool by reflecting light, while dark colors make you feel even hotter because they absorb light.

Shield Your Skin Against Heat.

The sun’s direct rays heat up your body just as they damage your skin. Wear clothing that covers you and offers protection.

Stick with Embellishments Like Embroidery. Avoid Heavy Beads and Metals.

Summer’s lightweight fabrics benefit from the structure of embroidery (or seams) so they don’t stick to sweaty skin. Embroidery is better in hot weather than heavy bead or metal embellishments that weigh your clothes down and trap heat.

Less Jewelry Is More Cooling. 

Metal necklaces, bracelets, and rings get hot. Heavy necklaces pin your shirt to your chest, and lightweight chains stick to your skin. Stay cooler wearing minimal jewelry.

Heads Up for Hats (And Scarves).

Wear a wide-brimmed hat. Take along a lightweight, woven scarf as a quick head or shoulders coverup from too much sun.

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