Target is the type of store you go in just for milk and leave spending over $100. No one knows how it happens, but you can’t leave Target without buying something that you didn’t need. And now, Target is getting even more dangerous by improving their clothing selection.

I’ve bought clothing items from Target in the past and received so many compliments on them. When I told people I got them from Target, they were shocked. They’ve improved the style selection, advertisement, and just overall vibe of the clothing at Target and now I want to shop there. Check out some Target style staples:

Slip Dresses
Slip dresses were all the rave this summer, and I have no doubt they’re going to continue to the fall season. Slip dresses can be dressed up or down, but the prices can range from reasonable to expensive. Thankfully, Target is coming in clutch with their very own selection of affordable slip dresses.

High Rise Bathing Suits
High rise bathing suits were another trend this summer that you probably saw everywhere. High rise bikinis are super flattering on everyone but can get really pricey. Target’s summer collection included on-trend bathing suits, including various high rise bathing suit options. So, if you’re still trying to get in those final beach days and need a new suit, head over to Target.

Tie-Dye is one of those fashion statements that comes and goes out of style every few years, but this summer, it was on-trend. Although you can make tie-dye clothing for free in your backyard, some companies charge ridiculous prices for tie-dye clothing. Target has a few affordable options for those who want to jump on the rainbow trend.

Biker Shorts
Biker shorts are comfortable, flattering, and stylish. They look great with an oversized t-shirt or with a crop top and have been on trend for quite some time now. Although biker shorts are pretty simple, they can be really pricey too. So, it’s exciting to see that Target is currently offering biker shorts at an affordable price.

Neon has been in style, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. The neon trend has gone from neon accessories to full-blown entire neon fits. Although wearing neon makes a statement, it’s really cute and will bring the right attention.

Animal Print
Shirts, shoes, dresses, bags, you name it, they have it in animal print. Animal print has gone beyond just cheetah print. Now there’s zebra, snakeskin, and leopard. And it looks like Target is jumping on the animal print bandwagon by offering their own selection of animal print clothing options.