Deciding on a place to part your hair depends on two things: face shape and hair texture. Don’t neglect either one when experimenting to find your most flattering look. The choice of your hair part goes far in framing your face and shaping your style.

The Middle Part
This classic, straight-down-the-center part looks chic for any face shape or occasion. For the most precise part, use the tip of a rattail comb instead of the comb’s teeth to divide hair.

The Side Part
This look complements almost everyone regardless of face shape. Since most of us have hair that falls slightly to one side or the other naturally, it’s easy breezy to find this part. Change up your part by moving one side to the other if you want to mask a thinning spot.

The Deep Side Part
Turn your daytime side part into drama for evening with a deeper side part. This look is a natural volumizer for hair of any kind. If yours is a slightly round face, allow the side with extra hair to fall slightly across your face.


The ideal part line for your hair is down the middle or a deep side part if you have a round face. Both parts give the illusion of length and create symmetry around the face. Limit layers in your hairstyle to just enough to slim the face. Short hairstyles are great for round faces.

Soften a square jaw by trying a side part that’s not too deep, and then add soft, sideswept bangs to offset your angled jawline. A part that’s too deep will emphasize the angles of a square face.

Try any part you like. This is the most “ideal” face shape for any part.

A deep side part will break up the chin line, which can be pointy if you have a heart-shaped face. A deep side part brushing softly against your face will soften your cheek bones as well.

A side part really compliments your strong cheekbones and bone structure, but stay away from short bangs. Don’t overshadow your face with any style that’s too long and dramatic. Shorter hairstyles work best for this look.

Add the illusion of roundness to an oblong face with a middle part. Bangs help shorten the long face shape, while layers will bring out cheekbones and strong jaw line.


Fine, Flat Hair
Add some oomph to limp strands by drawing a deep side part to lift the roots. Start the part above the center of your iris and continue diagonally back toward your crown. This gives fullness on one side and still distributes hair evenly.

Thick, Straight Hair
Balance voluminous texture with a flattering center part positioned a half-inch off center to avoid accentuating asymmetry in your face.

Springy Curls
Let them fall wherever they go for an intentionally undone part that looks messy and modern. Defined parts can look unnatural and severe with spiraled hair.

Hairline Cowlick
Part hair in the direction the cowlick’s going. This hides the cowlick section by blending it in.