The countdown is on toward Fall fashion season with just one month left until the Sept. 5 Labor Day holiday signals the end of summer. Time is running out to wear those whites if you are a traditionalist. If you are not a traditionalist, look to New York Fashion Week for trends that will jazz up your wardrobe as autumn and cooler weather approaches. Keep an eye out for these Top 10 trends.

The Grownup Jumper.
A modern jumper evolved this season when designers introduced creative layers to dresses. Call it the school girl uniform for sophisticates.

Mad for Plaid.
It isn’t a question of checks and balances when it comes to the newest pattern favored by designers. It is simply checks and more checks. Some are Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren subtle, others such as Coach not so much.

In the Pink.
Is there anything prettier than the dusty rose of an autumn sunset? Designers introduced a rosy glow as Fall’s freshest color. From Tibi’s monochromatic head-to-toe assembly of coat, dress and boots to Alexander Wang’s pink pants, the shade is captivating.

Make Mine Leather.
Nothing says edgy with a hint of tough girl like leather. Designers made sure you’ll want the coat you choose for Fall to be crafted in leather. Some pared silhouettes down to sleek, classic trenches, while others such as Lacoste gave us a shiny, over-sized slicker.

The Luxe of Velvet.
The favorite texture for Fall is one that will warm you when chill winds start to blow. From pretty dresses to pretty track suits, designers took a shine to velvet.

One Cold Shoulder.
The off-the-shoulder neckline has evolved this Fall into an asymmetrical cut that leaves one arm bare and the other covered.

Ribbons and Bows.
Make that ribbon neckties and bow blouses as designers moved this Fall beyond scarves and bandanas.

Liquid Metal.
Metallics shimmer glassy and liquid-like, so fabrics look molten and catch the eye when you move. This is heavy duty glamour with a subtle touch.

Patterns at a Crossroads.
Subtle crisscrossed patterns that create dimension and texture are a hot commodity this Fall. Look for them in woven fabrics and lace-ups.

My Grandmother’s Closet.
Coats that could have come from the closets of chic grandmothers offer luxurious finishes and polished silhouettes. Snuggle up to refined luxury with these sumptuous coats.

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Image Source: IMAXTREE