Zac Posen marked the fashion world with his extravagant evening gowns and cocktail dresses. At just 20 years old, he set the fashion world in a frenzy with his eponymous line. He is the master of construction, elegance, and evening wear.

Some of the many stars he dressed for the red carpet were Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gigi Hadid. And after nearly two decades in the business, the 39-year-old designer is shuttering the doors to his fashion house. Needless to say, the fashion world is shocked.

It was announced the management of the Zac Posen’s company was looking for potential buyers. The House of Z was supposed to be sold. However, the deal fell through, and the management was left with the difficult decision to have the House of Z close its doors. It all came down to not finding the right buyer in time.

It’s not due to Zac Posen’s creative genius waning, but rather because the investment company, Yucaipa, came to the decision that they wanted to sell their stake in the company. Since they had a significant share of the company, this meant that the House of Z would have a difficult time trying to support themselves, which resulted in the company closing.

This outcome wasn’t only hard for the Zac Posen. He had to inform sixty of his employees that they are out of a job. It’s definitely an end of an era and a reminder that the fashion industry is as susceptible to economic downfalls as any other industry.

When Zac announced that the company was closing its doors, many celebrities came forward and paid their respects to the fashion designer and his company, particularly through social media. Among the stars who paid tribute to the designer was Natalie Portman, who reminisced about the dress she wore for the Star Wars premiere. Additional stars included actress Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Vosk, and Sarah Hyland.