What it is: Perricone MD OVM, $165What it does: Harnesses the natural capabilities of eggshell membranes to reverse visible signs of aging and protect skin against further damage, irritation and inflammation.How it works: There’s no doubt eggs are both delicious and nutritious. But never before have we thought about how they might be used in skincare. So when we saw this anti-aging cream that uses an unexpected part of the egg—the shell membrane—to regenerate and protect skin, we knew it must have some pretty cool science behind it.The membrane between an eggshell and the egg white has a very crucial job: to protect the delicate contents inside. This thin layer contains a mix of compounds that nourishes and protects the precious cargo, and as it turns out, also works as a potent anti-ager for skin. When translated to skincare, the membrane provides an important dose of nutrients and damage protection. Perricone MD’s specialized eggshell membrane is combined with retinol and an effective carrier system, creating a powerful anti-aging cocktail that targets three aspects of aging skin: volume, texture and radiance.Why you care: Sixty-four percent of women who have taken our Skin Age Quiz report that their skin isn’t as radiant as it used to be, and 49 percent also say their skin has some degree of roughness to it. This will help restore skin and make it plumper, with a more even complexion and baby-soft texture. Turns out Mother Nature really knew what she was doing.