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The Best Winter Moisturizers for Every Skin Type

Winter weather blasts are just around the windswept corner. You’ll need special protection to keep your skin radiant and glowing. ‘Tis the season when...

Summer Skin Myth Busted

Sun makes acne worse (not better).

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A good night's sleep helps restore skin cells.

It Takes Hundreds of Injections to Surgically Refill Your Skin

Over one and a half million women choose to have wrinkle fillers injected each year.

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Lately, you may have heard about all the incredible uses of apple cider vinegar (ACV). Like olive oil once was and how coconut oil...

Best Beauty Tips From The Internet Combined

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Does The Snail Mucus Facial Mask Work?

Ah, there’s almost nothing women won’t do in the name of beauty. Vampire facials, fish pedicures, bird poop facials, placenta facials, no matter how bizarre they...

How To Prevent Your Hands From Aging

There are two parts of the body, besides the face, that reveal your age: your neck and your hands. That means you want to take extra care of these areas...

Glowing Skin Is Just A Workout Away

Exercise boosts circulation and makes your skin glow.

“Blue Light” From Device Screens May Be Aging Your Skin

There’s more reason to put down the phone than just sleep disturbance. You’ve probably heard that “blue light” from phones, tablets and computers may...