Smoothing filters may not always look realistic, but there are multiple ways to reduce the appearance of pores for delicate skin.
Promising Pore Products
Glow Recipe Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops ($32, shop here):

Glow Recipe always ensures the skincare line-up is good enough to eat. The latest addition to the family is the Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops. Glow Recipe puts a fruit twist on K-Beauty and innovative skin-loving multitaskers.

These drops can be used to target pores or prime the skin. It’s a serum-primer hybrid that’s silicone-free and works to reduce the appearance of pores with consistent use. In addition, BHA will help control sebum and exfoliate from within to produce a smooth complexion.

Other superhero ingredients include Tapioca for effortless makeup application and Strawberry Leaf to absorb excess oil. Glow Recipe recommends applying a small amount onto clean skin as a serum or the last step in your routine as a primer.

Milk Makeup Pore Eclipse Mattifying + Blurring Makeup Primer ($20, shop here)

One thing Milk Makeup has been dominating is the makeup prep category. Their Hydro Grip Primer has won multiple awards and has become a cult classic. Now, it’s time to make room for the Pore Eclipse Mattifying + Blurring Makeup Primer.

Milk describes this product as a “lightweight water-cream makeup primer.” They also claim it offers skincare benefits so you can improve the texture of your skin as you wear it. In addition, this primer is specially tailored to oily and combination skin types.

You’ll receive a matte, but not flat, finish upon application. Pore Eclipse contains Niacinamide for sebum control, Lentil Extract for a shine-free finish, and Bakuchiol for an even skin texture.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ ($38, shop here):

Sunscreen can help transform your skin texture, especially the pores. Supergoop!’s Unsee Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ will become a staple product for those reducing the appearance of pores without sacrificing skin protection.

Unseen Sunscreen is ideal for those with oily, combination, or textured skin. It’s a weightless sunscreen that applies clear on all skin tones. So, there is no need to worry about a white cast. However, it has an unusual smoothing gel texture.

This sunscreen will layer beautifully under makeup or other Supergoop products. Re-applying Unseen will be a breeze and features other skin-forced ingredients like Frankenslice for soothing and Red ALgae for blue light protection.

InnBeauty Project Refine AHA + BHA Texture & Pore Serum ($38, shop here):

Do you have a more problematic skin type? You may benefit from a serum because they are more potent. For example, the InnBeauty Project Refine AHA + BHA Texture & Pore Serum will exfoliate, brighten, and smooth the skin with consistent use.

This serum contains acids like 10% AHA and BHA to target pores. It also features Peptides and Optical Blurring Powders to reduce the appearance of texture within one application. However, it may be too intense for sensitive skin types.

InnBeauty Project recommends applying this serum on clean skin and following it up with moisturizer at least once daily. It will also help to pair it with SPF to ensure the skin isn’t further irritated by the sun.