Are you looking for a simplified way of including natural components and botanicals in your daily regimen? Wooden Spoon Herbs can help.
About Wooden Spoon Herbs
What can you expect from Wooden Spoon Herbs? You can rest assured knowing you’ll receive high-quality and tested formulas that allow you to incorporate traditional remedies into your everyday life. These effective formulations are made from plants.

Wooden Spoon Herbs claims. “Everything they produce is tested to ensure that it’s pure, potent, and stable. They source clean, GMP-compliant ingredients for our vitamin, mineral, and herbal ingredients. They only accept whole plants and grind them in-house, using the most effective extraction techniques.”

However, always consult with a doctor in case you’re pregnant or have a preexisting condition before taking an array of supplements.
What to Shop
For a Mood Booster
Rose-Colored Glasses Eases the Mind & Lifts the Mood ($29, shop here):

The Rose-Colored Glasses will effortlessly lift your mood only with plant ingredients. These drops are easy to incorporate into your day to support your stress and achieve a calm nature.

Wooden Spoon Herbs has formulated this product with Oat tops to support the nervous system and Rose to promote a relieved mindset. This product is USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and NON-GMO.

The recommended dose is 1.75 ml three times a day. These droppers can be infused into water, juice, tea, cocktails, and smoothies. Overall this product is ideal for soothing stresses and the nervous system.
For Increased Energy
Herbal Coffee Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative ($24, shop here):

Does coffee make you jittery? Or do you find it challenging to keep energy without caffeine? One product to try is Herbal Coffee from Wooden Spoon Herbs. This item is an Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative that boosts energy without the jitters.

Herbal Coffee will increase energy and support a healthy microbiome. It contains a blend of Maca Root for focus, Chicory Root for digestion, reishi as a calming adaptogen, and Burdock Root for better gut flora.

You can enjoy Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Coffee as your coffee replacement, as an iced beverage, or incorporated into baked goods like Tiramisu.
To Soothe the Gut
Fire Cider Support Gut Health and Digestion ($26, shop here):

A healthy gut can impact the rest of your body for the better. However, balancing your diet or incorporating gut-friendly foods can be challenging. One way you can increase gut support is by trying Fire Cider to improve digestion.

The Fire Cider is apple cider vinegar-based, combining food and medicine into one easy-to-consume product. It also contains other gut-friendly elements like Ginger for circulation, Rosemary for digestive support, and Garlic for immunity.

You can take a tablespoon of Fire Cider three times a day. It may be added to water, or you can get creative by infusing this product into salad dressings and broth.
For Menstrual Relief
Cramp Control Soothes Menstruation and Relieves Cramps ($29, shop here):

Do you ever look forward to your time of the month? Menstruators can know how challenging a period is to get through, and some people need all the support they can get. You can pair Wooden Spoon Herb’s Cramp Control with your heated water bottle.

The Cramp Control is there for easy periods, so bleeding doesn’t have to take you out for the day. This product soothes cramps and eases menstruation.

Wooden Spoon Herbs has formulated this product with Motherwort to help with stress and reproductive health and Yarrow to help release heat. You can enjoy this product four times a day in your favorite beverage.