Winter can be tough on our skin. The skin gets dry, flaky, irritated, and itchy and not only on our face but throughout our body because we are losing hydration much quicker in the wintertime.

Take Care Of Your Skin

In the winter, the barrier of our skin is not functioning properly. The signs of this are inflamed, dry, patchy, or itchy skin. Even though our bodies do a great job of healing themselves and protecting themselves, we can also assist that process, to rebuild the surface layer of our skin, so the bacteria can’t get in and make matters worse. In the winter, you should consider switching out your more intense cleansers and harsh products with gentler products with gel and milky textures and milder ingredients. You want to use gel or milky cleansers, as they will cleanse the skin without stripping it of natural oils. Winter is also an excellent time to use more considerable amounts of your toners and serums as they will help with the evaporation of water from our skin.

Take Care Of Your Body

It’s essential to moisturize the skin of your body as well. You can start with the moisturization while you are still in the shower. Shower oils are great because they don’t dry out the skin as some of the regular gel body washes do. Some can even hydrate the skin while removing the dirt. When you get out of the shower, try to moisturize as soon as you can, because when the skin is damp, that’s when it can absorb more of the product and allow it to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Beauty Comes From The Inside

What you put in your body also influences your skin. This is why it’s essential to pay attention to what you consume, especially in the winter. Make sure you are drinking enough water, which helps your skin to stay hydrated, plump, and to fight off the bacteria from the environment. Try switching coffee with tea and make sure you are eating enough vegetables and giving your body healthy amounts of micronutrients.