Including vitamins in your skincare regime can offer many benefits. From the moisturizing qualities of vitamin E to the brightening effects of vitamin C, welcoming vitamins into your skincare products and routine is a great way to have your skin looking and feeling its absolute best.

What is Vitamin F?

Vitamin F is arguably one of the less talked about vitamins in terms of its skincare benefits. However, it is actually an incredible one to implement into your routine. It is also referred to as linoleic acid, and it is an essential fatty acid from the omega 6 family. This incredible skincare ingredient works to repair and maintain the skin’s barrier and also provides an anti-inflammatory effect. It can be found in oils such as rosehip, sunflower, argan, olive, flaxseed, and chia, meaning it can easily be incorporated into your diet and your skincare products to see even further benefits.

What are The Benefits of Vitamin F? 

Vitamin F benefits the skin by making ceramides that build the skin’s outer, visible layer, also known as the skin’s ‘barrier.’ The ceramides then cement the skin cells together to keep your skin as healthy as possible, while maintaining optimal hydration levels and blocking out harmful pollution, infections, irritants, and UV light. These external factors can damage your skin. When your skin is lacking in vitamin F, it can appear flaky, dry, and even red and inflamed, also making it more prone to eczema, acne, and sensitivity. Including vitamin F in your skincare regime will:

  1. Nourish and moisturize your skin
  2. Protect your skin’s barrier from harmful pollutants
  3. Helps maintain healthy hair and nails as well as skin
  4. Soothe dry and inflamed skin
  5. Help fight breakouts and acne
  6. Fight infections and irritants
  7. Keep skin strong, soft and smooth

Have you added vitamin F to your skincare routine?