The arrival of winter doesn’t just mean snow angels and hot chocolate. The season can wreak havoc on skin by creating dryness, scales, and other irritations, which is why it’s so important to pay special attention to our skin during colder times of the year.

Enter SkinClinical Extreme Healing Treatments. With 101 powerful skin-healing uses (yes, you read that right), they can revive even the most damaged winter skin to get you through the season.

According to Harry Glassman, M.D., renowned cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills and founder of SkinClinicalall products contains SBD-4, an all-natural root extract clinically proven to boost skin’s microcirculation, cell regeneration, and natural collagen production. Other powerful ingredients like amino acids, shea butter and avocado oil work together to give dry, damaged skin immediate relief and deep, restorative hydration.

When it comes to these common winter skin conditions, SkinClinical is your new BFF to keeping skin supple, strong, and healthy all season long!

1Wind Burn

Between skiing, ice skating, and getting caught in the occasional blizzard, your skin can suffer some major skin strain, including windburn. Even the healthiest skin can be agitated by gusts of wind that dry it out and cause flaking and irritation, which is where Extreme Healing steps in to save the day. “SkinClinical protects and restores the skin barrier, holds in moisture and stabilizes the microcirculation that is altered by wind and cold.” says Dr. Glassman.

2Dry Skin

Protect your skin’s barrier from harsh environmental conditions by moisturizing with SkinClinical Extreme Healing Daily Treatment throughout the day and overnight. According to Dr. Glassman, scaly skin happens because a “combination of low humidity, cold and wind dry the skin and damage the skin barrier.” If you’re starting to see some scaly spots appear, there are a few things you can do. First, target dry spots or breakouts using the Repair Concentrate – it has double the concentration of SBD-4 for immediate hydration and deep restorative treatment on skin. In fact, consumer perception studies revealed that 100 percent of SkinClinical users saw immediate improvement in skin hydration – crazy, right? Dr. Glassman also advices adding a humidifier to your bedroom and avoiding long hot showers or skin products with alcohol in them.

3Adult Eczema

Eczema flares can be triggered during the harsh winter season. Prevent eczema-related skin issues such as itching, scaling, and rashes by keeping your skin intensely hydrated with SkinClinical Extreme Healing, along with using other topical treatments and antihistamines your doctor prescribes. Additionally, be sure to use mild soap, avoid long showers, and stay away from scratchy clothing. It’s important to also keep stress down to avoid flare-ups, which can be tough especially during the winter!

4Cracked Hands

Winter wind can wreak havoc on your hands, especially on those days when you forget to grab your gloves! Cracked hands caused by blustery winter cold can be painful and make even simple acts, like shaking hands or opening doors, uncomfortable. But you can combat these harsh effects with an ultra-hydrating lotion like SkinClinical’s Extreme Healing topical treatment. Extra tip: Apply healing lotion right before bed, so it can get to work overnight while you’re not actively using your hands (and don’t forget Dr. Glassman’s advice to use humidifiers, and avoid those long hot showers)!


5Tissue Irritation

One of the worst parts of a cold is being left with sore skin after blowing your nose one time too many. “Mechanical irritation can cause mild abrasions or minor wounds,” Dr. Glassman says. “SkinClinical is designed to treat wounds of this type by healing the skin barrier and improving microcirculation. This improves the metabolism of the skin and promotes healing.”


Cuticles need special care just like any other part of the body, and icy air poses a threat to them, especially since they’re so delicate. Be sure to wear gloves when you’re outside to keep cuticles safe, and call in the help of SkinClinical Extreme Healing Double Concentrate to ensure they stay extra healthy.

7Dry Neck & Décolletage

Your neck is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. That’s why giving it a little extra TLC is essential to preventing environmental damage. By moisturizing neck and decolletage regularly with a lotion, like the Extreme Healing Daily Treatment, will not only keep your skin supple and healthy, but also protect your skin’s barrier. One of the major benefits to using this product is that it improves natural cell regeneration and natural collagen production, which will keep you looking younger longer! Dr. Glassman also recommends using a gentle cleanser and moisturize regularly to protect yourself (and don’t forget that scarf)!

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