Celebrities with Almond Eyes

To all the almond-eyed ladies out there—wow, do you have it made.

Ultra-feminine and classically beautiful, Your Cleopatra-esque lids are an extremely desired eye shape. “Ideally, most women want to make their eyes appear almond shaped,” says MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton says. “Most techniques in makeup are employed to achieve this exact eye shape.”

Beyonce Knowles

Eye Shape: Almond

Why this works: Almost any kind of look will work with almond eyes. Here, Beyonce used false lashes and shimmery eyeshadow to create a defined look.

See the Science: All About Eyes

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  • 島風

    cleopatara didn’t have almond eyes she was part greek/mediterranean and had round wide eyes.

    • 島風

      also in my opinion the prettiest almond eyes have a downward lacrimal caruncle, most of these have the straight ones. usually only see them in indo-europeans and asians though. i don’t like emma watson but her eyes are the prettiest shaped here.

      • Angela Cooper

        And since when does Beyonce have almond eyes? Her eyes are round. My eyes are more almond shaped that that.

        • Stephanie Brightharp

          Hi. I never make comments on posts but I figured it was pertinent. Great point about Cleopatra…not sure I’ve seen authentic photos:-) Now getting on to my real comment…I have almond shaped eyes..by the general public’s standards and a cording to the eye shape “standards” by artists. While your eyes may be more “defined” than hers…Beyonce would fall into our category because of the lack of “white” above or beneath her pupil. Maybe your eyes turn up more?

        • Denise Smith

          Beyonce’s eyes are almond shaped even more than the others being listed on this list in which some of the other’s eyes are not attractive but being called attractive – like Angie Jolie, not attractive.

    • Angela Cooper

      She was part African as well