If you’re a health nerd and are continually looking for cleaner options for your favorite beauty products, this simple, clean beauty gift guide will save you all the time and effort looking for the perfect beauty item for your loved ones!

We received a sample of the Makeup Eraser and immediately fell in love. No more wasted cotton pads and bottles of makeup remover. If you’re tired of using mascara removers and washing your face only to find you still have mascara on your face, the Makeup Eraser is your friend. This product seriously does what it says – it erases makeup!

This sponge is so soft and gentle. One of our testers was worried about using it due to her acne-prone skin since anything exfoliating tends to cause problems, but it didn’t cause any irritation. Once wet, it is a perfect size and helps deliver a deeper clean. You can use it daily or use it as an exfoliant every other day.

We were surprised by how beautifully this sunscreen sat on the skin. No greasy feeling, just pure comfort. The reflective particles were a pleasant surprise. Definitely a winner in our books.

This deep-pore cleanser formulated with oat amino acids seamlessly removes makeup and gently swipes away all debris. The spirulina and cucumber extract soothes skin and leaves a pleasant glow. Plus, it was awarded the ECOCERT Natural Cosmetics certification!

We love the feel of the cool opal rolling across our skin in this summer heat. It’s a refreshing treat! Keep it in the freezer and use three-four times a week in the morning. It’s like a gentle face massage!

The mixtures of salts aren’t only relaxing, but the oils soften and moisturize skin. Added to the fact that it’s a super pretty gift that smells great with rose and ylang notes!

After testing these, our skin looks and feels so much better than when we were using makeup wipes! We’ve seen so many videos of people using them, and we’re still in disbelief that one of these little things and some water takes all the makeup off. We never want to go back to regular makeup removers full of harsh chemicals.

If you have dark hair, you know it’s incredibly challenging to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave a gross-looking residue. All the dark-haired ladies are elated to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t make us look like we have the most intense dandruff ever! Plus, it keeps hair looking and feeling fresh for DAYS. The formula is also packed with beneficial ingredients like biotin and witch hazel.

True to its title, this G.Tox dry brush from Goop is the ultimate in dry brushes! The bristles are firm but not rough on the skin. It feels therapeutic as you slough off all the rough skin. Plus, the long handle allows exfoliate the back with its long reach. And, there is something so satisfying about dry brushing the back. Highly recommended!

We’ve been surprised how little it takes to be effective and how long it lasts. Use it with the Osea Vitamin Boost for real skin improvements. Skin feels more hydrated, lines less visible, and it reduces redness.

According to the words from our tester, “I first bought the clogged pore serum because I have a bunch of bumps on my cheeks that nothing was able to clear up. I then went back quickly to get the pimple serum, as I had seen a vast difference with my pimples that I had applied it to. Now I switch back and forth between them morning and evening, and so far, I have seen such a difference in my skin! They have both cleared up my skin considerably in such a short period.”

Not only are these brushed soft and smooth, but the carrying case they come in is very cute. It’s an excellent option to keep your brushes clean and protected.

This plant-based, invigorating vanilla lotion not only smells AMAZING but leaves your skin feeling fresh and tingly! This lotion is made with organic ingredients and is paraben-free! It’s a 0 on the Think Dirty App, which means it’s one of the cleanest lotions out there!