It’s officially happening, y’all. First, there was the show, then the clothing line, and even a sci-fi book. And just when we thought the sisters went their separate ways, they’re hitting us with a makeup collaboration.

First of all, if you haven’t heard yet, Kylie Jenner is now a beauty-mogul-turned-vlogger. In a recent video, she posted a sneak preview of the launch with the only sister she hasn’t collaborated on her beauty line with! Is she saving the best for last?

In the video, the sisters are seen going to the Kylie Cosmetics office together and looking through materials like advertising campaigns and product mockups. True to Kendall, the eyeshadow palette features earthy, matte tones. Kylie talks briefly about using cream in one of the formulas and hints at different Kendall personalities for products.

Whatever they’re cooking up, we’re sure it’ll be a sell-out like with the rest of the successful Kylie collaborations so far.