Colourpop is a make-up brand that’s had its fair share of attention — that tends to happen when you have bargain prices and are produced by the same company as the very non-bargain priced Kylie Cosmetics. Colourpop has always made quite a name for themselves by collaborating with beauty bloggers like Kathleen Fuentes (Kathleen Lights) and Sarahi Gonzalez (iluvsarahii) on gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. They also have Disney collections and a Sailor Moon collection — I mean seriously, who could doubt their popularity with collections like these?

Colourpop is famous for its low prices, but that doesn’t come at the expense of their products; since the brand handles all their production, packaging, sells online-only, and doesn’t accept returns, they’re able to offer excellent quality for great prices. If you’re a Colourpop junkie or a newcomer to the brand, you need a few products in your armory, no matter what.

Super Shock Shadow
These eyeshadows are aptly named — the intensity of pigment in these little $6 packages will live you shocked (and flawless).

There are some things you can’t go wrong when mixing: bananas and peanut butter, fudge and ice cream, and of course, bronze and pink tones. This shadow will become just as beloved as your favorite dessert in no time.

While sparkling shadows get their attention in obvious ways, there’s nothing like a matte shadow to quietly command it. This dusty rose color is subtle enough for everyday use but gorgeous enough for a long-awaited date night.

“Numero uno” — bff liquid liner
If you love the look of a dramatic cat-eye but hate the process by which that cat-eye is made, this felt-tip liner will change the game for you. U

Lippie Stix
Don’t be put off by their cutesy name. These lippie six aren’t for kids. Packed with vitamin E and shea butter, they’re like the perfect combination of moisturizer and pigment.

“Byron babe”
This pick is the perfect shade of pink with a subtle matte finish. It’s the kind of pink that looks good on every set of lips across every skin tone, clearly a must-have.

If you’re looking for the kind of shade that makes people hesitate to answer when asked if you’d ever commit murder, this is it. This sultry brick red plays no games, and the matte finish underscores that.

Pressed Powder Highlighter
Colourpop is known for making its fans look like deliciously cute glazed donuts, and these incredible highlighters are how.

“Here Kitty Kitty”
This highlighter needs no introduction and no conclusion; just trust us, you’ll be inventing reasons and places to use this highlighter for when you see the natural glow it provides.