Is Crushed Pearl the New Glitter?

Once you hear about the $250,000 black diamond nail polish, luxurious
beauty ingredients tend to lose their shock value. The truly exciting move is when a brand finds a new ingredient that feels extravagant while actually adding value (beyond a decent markup) to the product. So when we heard that crushed pearl’s radiance made it a natural brightener, we wanted to jump on board immediately.

First, we checked with Kerry Cole, Style Director at BECCA, which uses pearl in their cult favorite
Shimmering Skin Perfector products for a natural and sophisticated glow. Crushed pearl creates a natural light on the skin, Cole told us. “Unlike machine-made glitter, the way light reflects off pearls is natural and soft, almost like your skin is glowing from within,” she said.

We’re intrigued, so we gathered up some pearl-infused products just in case you’re ready to throw out the body glitter (on weekdays, anyway):


It’s hardly a surprise that the geisha-inspired line Tatcha would have ancient and elemental ingredients in their skincare. Wash your face with this “enzyme powder” to combine the exfoliating properties of rice and and the smoothing power of pearl. Tatcha tailors its ingredients to your skin type, so “Combination” and “Normal” girls, get ready to feel fancy.


This primer is infused with two types of pearl pigments, as well as even more naturally occurring ingredients like rose essence and hyaluronic acid meant to hydrate your skin for a full 24 hours.

BECCA’s iconic luminizer was created with light in mind. Ultrafine pearls blended into highlight your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, or wherever you want to highlight. Choose whichever formula (cream-liquid or powder!) and color works best for your skin type and layer the brushed copper on top.



Made with a proprietary whitening complex, Comfort Zone’s aging defense cream works to stamp out the pigmentation that can come with aging. With your skin tone blotch-free, pearl powder swoops in to restore brightness. An antioxidant-boosting Vitamin C infusion ensures your face will feel as young as it looks.

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Sephora’s natural fiber sheet masks come in ingredients like ginseng, lotus and rose. Apply the pearl version to a dry, clean face for 15 minutes for a kick of brightness and skin-evening treatment. Plus, you can get your veggies in at the same time — it also contains broccoli extract.


Ditch your loofah and exfoliate with, yes, micro-sized pearls. This foaming cleanser removes makeup and refines skin like your regular cleanser. Since it’s made from pearls, it leaves you with an extra radiance and the smile of knowledge that you just washed your face with pearls. You deserve this.


Botanical beauty brand Grown Alchemist is expanding our horizons. They’ve combined pearl, peppermint, and ylang ylang for nutrient- and antioxidant-rich product that works with all skin types. Your skin will be brighter, softer, and fresh as your favorite candy.

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