Sofia Vergara’s wedding to Joe Manganiello is right around the corner (the couple has kept the actual date a secret, telling us only that it’s coming “soon”), and with just weeks (or days?) left to go, she can’t help but dish out a few beauty tips for her fellow brides-to-be. The CoverGirl spokeswoman caught up with People at her latest ad campaign shoot with the brand and gave some easy-to-follow advice:

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“I have a very important makeup tip for the girls [who] are getting married soon. I think sometimes we overthink it because it’s a very special occasion and we want to have everything perfect. With makeup, sometimes people exaggerate a little bit or make it too different because they want to do more. Sometimes, it makes it look like it’s not you and when you see the pictures you’re like, ‘Oh, what happened to me?’ So I think it’s better to keep yourself looking fresh in the makeup that you’ve always liked and be you.”  

Coming from a woman so well-known for pulling off flawless makeup, I’d have expected Vergara’s beauty secrets to be a slew of complicated beauty tips. I love that even among the most famous and glamorous women out there, what matters most comes down to the basics — loving yourself for who you are and sticking with your tried-and-true favorites. It’s all about rocking what you’ve got!

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